Ceachi Bogdan

Verified email at gmail.com

University Politehnica Bucharest



• Interdisciplinary research developer with skills and experience in computer science, computer vision and deep learning;
• Experience in industrial environment, as an Enterprise Virtualization Engineer and Application Developer, but also as a teaching
assistant (Robotics, Computer Programming and Advanced Programming);
• Self-motivated, problem-solving and collaborative developer with excellent communication skills;
• Looking to contribute on research projects with Machine Learning.


• PhD, Scene understanding in Autonomous Driving, University Politehnica, present;
• Eastern European Machine Learning Summer School, Artificial Intelligence, 2020;
• Udacity Self-Driving Car Engineer degree, Artificial Intelligence, 2020;
• MS, Computer Software Engineering, University of Bucharest, 2019;
• BS, Computer Science, University of Bucharest, 2017


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Driving


Scene understanding in Autonomous Driving

One of the major challenges that autonomous cars are facing today is driving inurban environments. To reach this goal, the main focus will be on studying themost recent and relevant state-of-the-art results on scene representation, to predictand detect events that may occur in autonomous driving. The research that I wishto undertake, aims to investigate the interpretation of pedestrian behavior andpedestrian tracking in autonomous driving.

Applications Invited

Identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in histopathology by Artificial Intelligence

Applications Invited