Gloria Lopez Ramos

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French Department
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University researcher, scholar, and French teacher. She has been a member of a research group on Medieval Linguistics at the University of Granada. As a scholar interested in Linguistics and Translation she has specialised in Gautier de Coinci’s literary work with the aim of reconstructing the grammatical system of French language in the Middle Ages. Moreover, Dr. Gloria López Ramos has collaborated with Prof. Francisco José López Quintana on the development of a Linguistic Theory, called Semiotax, consisting in an innovative analysis whose ultimate goal is to formulate a sentence algorithm and its universal equation:

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PhD in Philology, Master’s Degree in French Philology, Master’s Degree in Romance Philology, and Bachelor’s Degree in Translation and Interpreting (University of Granada).
She was awarded an extraordinary doctorate prize at the University of Granada for her dissertation on medieval French.


Translation / Linguistics and Literature / Language modelling for Natural Language Processing (Artificial Intelligence)


Fundamentals of Semiotax: models of sentence equations for Artificial Intelligence

Development of a Linguistic Theory, focused on the sentence and whose ultimate goal is to formulate models of sentence equations useful for Natural Language Processing

Applications Invited


--- 2021: (in collaboration with Francisco José López Quintana) Fundamentos de la Semiotaxis: el algoritmo de la oración en Inteligencia Artificial. Madrid, Letrame Editorial.
--- 2001: "De la Misere d'omme et de fame et de la doutance qu'on doit avoir de morir" de Gautier de Coinci y su contexto religioso. In Literatura y Cristiandad (pp. 573-584). Granada, Universidad de Granada.
--- 1998: "De la Misere d'omme..." de Gautier de Coinci: introducción, traducción anotada y morfosintaxis. Granada, Universidad de Granada.