9 Experts from SWITZERLAND (CH)

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Bettina Baeßler     - usz.ch

University Hospital Zurich
Institute of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology

Anh Nguyet Tran-Ly     - empa.ch

Cellulose and Wood Materials
Empa - Materials Science and Technology

Stefania Triunfo

University of Italian Switzerland

Jun Gu     - epfl.ch/en


Nikita Nikolaev     - unige.ch/en

Postdoctoral Scholar, Section of Mathematics
University of Geneva

Marcelo Bittencourt Jardim     - bkp.revistaobservatoriodeldeporte.cl/Comité-Editorial-y-Científico/

Miembro del Comité Editorial de la Revista Observatorio del Deporte
Universidad de Los Lagos Sede Santiago de Chile

Nan Chen


Oliver Suranyi     - cern.ch