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Since 2016- Member of the research team of the BBMIRADAS program. Miradas Foundation. Autism Burgos. University Hospital of Burgos. Since 2012-Present Member of the Management Team of the Association of Family Members of People with Autism of Burgos, Spain. Since 2006- Present. Coordinator of the Psychosocial Support Program for people with Asperger Syndrome / Autism Spectrum Disorders Burgos Autism (APITEA). Among the functions performed: Personnel management, programming and quality management, training and awareness about ASD in Universities, Educational Centers, Teacher Training Centers. Intervention in Social and Communication Skills with people with ASD, Intervention in Sexuality in people with ASD. Development of European projects, coordinating the Autism in Pink Project, and Autism and Uni. From 2006 to 2011. Technical director of projects in the Autism Federation Castilla y León, coordinating research projects in the field of health and Latin American cooperation projects " Across the sea. " I worked in various countries as a trainer and researcher for Vzdelávánim ke kvalitè (Brno), Asperger and TGD Association of Arica, Chile and Rubikear in Argentina (Buenos Aires). Prize Angel Riviere prizes for the Burgos Autism Health program, Tecnoartea-ubuingenio University of Burgos project, project Across the sea. Castile and Leon Federation. I started my doctorate researching life skills in adolescents with autism. I have collaborated with different projects in Europe and on education, gender and quality of life in autism. Author of different books on autism, such as stories or updates on the state of the art for publishers such as Paidos or Altaria and pedagogical design in apps and video games such as TEMPUS, Elisa's trip or SOCIO-RUTA.


Phd Sciences Education. University of Burgos. Psychologist University of Salamanca. Psychopedagogist National Distance University UNED


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Director of APITEA program in Autismo Burgos since 2007