B. Anita Virgin

Verified @gmail.com

Assistant Professor, English
Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Coimbatore



My interest is to continue research on the importance of language skills and improve the methodology of teaching and learning of English language and literature. I have presented papers in conference and published around eight articles in reputed journals. Have got more than 13 years of academic and 5 years of industry experience in the field of education.


Ph.D in the title Listening Skills for Communication - Madurai kamaraj University - 2017


English Language and Literature


Empowering Rural Women

To identify the background of women in the rural area. Find the ways to improve their living. It can be done through following steps: 1. Make the women healthy by providing healthy food 2. Training them in self-defenses to protect themselves from the society 3. Provide them skill based training to become employed

Applications Invited

Empowering Rural Youth

To create a society free of gender-based violence and an eco-friendly, sustainable environment for living. This will be achieved through: 1. Creating awareness among the youth – both male and female - towards prevention of gender-based violence. 2. Training the youth to build a conducive environment with social security and peace. 3. Creating a programme for training of youth towards inclusiveness and equality.

Applications Invited


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  • Loss of Self-Identity in The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison
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  • Modern and Postmodern Traits in Manju Kapoor's Difficult Daughters
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  • Ruth from the Bible and Sita from the Ramayana by R. K. Narayanan: A Comparative Study
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  • A view of the select divine imagery in psalms
    S Thombe, BA Virgin