Assistant Professor
Arya Narayani Devi T.T. College, Ajmer


M.Com., B.Ed., M.Ed., NET (Education),Ph.D. (Education) pursuing


ICT in the Educational System of Underdeveloped countries as a Basic Practice in Teaching and Development

For ICT to witness its large success, inside the academic gadget of underdeveloped countries, on-the-process teaching needs to be given to instructors to assist to enlighten them on a way to efficiently use ICT centres and devices for teaching while they're supplied in an establishment of gaining knowledge of. In the mild of this, ICT projects/programs have to take delivery of earlier interest in phrases in their supervision via way of means of government, ministry of schooling or different stakeholder with inside the underdeveloped global nations via way of means of making sure that instructors on their elements are devoted to adopting and the use of ICT associated equipment centres with inside the technique of teaching the learners.

Applications Invited