Ali Kashif Bashir

Associate Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology
University of the Faroe Islands


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  • Generalized PVO-based dynamic block reversible data hiding for secure transmission using firefly algorithm
    R Abbasi, MF Qureshi, H Hassan, T Saba, A Rehman, B Luo, AK Bashir
    Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies 2019

  • Robust Navigational Control of a Two-Wheeled Self-Balancing Robot in a Sensed Environment.
    C Iwendi, MA Alqarni, JH Anajemba, AS Alfakeeh, Z Zhang, AK Bashir.
    IEEE Access 2019

  • Introduction to the Special Section on Emerging Technologies for Connected Vehicles and ITS Networks
    SA Ahmed, AK Bashir, W Guibene
    Computers and Electrical Engineering 75, 309-311 2019

  • An Optimal Multitier Resource Allocation of Cloud RAN in 5G using Machine Learning
    AK Bashir, RAS Basheer, G Raja, R Jayaram, NMF Qureshi
    Trans Emerging Tel Tech 2019

  • Research on Efficient Data Forwarding in Vehicular Networks
    SH Ahmed, AK Bashir, M Elhoseny, W Guibene, SH Bouk
    Mobile Information Systems 2019 2019

  • Ensemble Learning Mechanisms for Threat Detection: A Survey
    R Arul, RS Moorthy, AK Bashir.
    Machine Learning and Cognitive Science Applications in Cyber Security, 321 2019

  • A novel dynamic framework to detect DDoS in SDN using metaheuristic clustering
    M Shakil, AFY Mohammed, R Arul, AK Bashir, JK Choi
    Transaction on Emerging Telecommunication Technologies 2019

  • A Fractal-Based Authentication Technique Using Sierpinski Triangles in Smart Devices
    A Ali, H Rafique, T Arshad, MA Alqarni, SH Chauhdary, AK Bashir
    Sensors 19 (678) 2019

  • Dynamic Container-based Resource Management Framework of Spark Ecosystem
    NMF Qureshi, IF Siddiqui, A Abbas, AK Bashir, K Choi, J Kim, DR Shin.
    21st International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2019

  • A twofold sink-based data collection in wireless sensor network for sustainable cities
    SH Chauhdary, A Hassan, MA Alqarni, A Alamri, AK Bashir
    Sustainable cities and society 45, 1-7 2019

  • Socio-Technological factors affecting user’s adoption of eHealth functionalities: A case study of China and Ukraine eHealth systems.
    S Kutia, SH Chauhdary, C Iwendi, L Liu, W Yong, AK Bashir.
    IEEE Access 2019

  • Performance Analysis of Decentralized V2X System with FD-NOMA.
    D Zhang, Y Liu, L Dai, AK Bashir, A Nallanathan, B Shim.
    IEEE Vehicular Technology conference 2019

  • Single image defocus estimation by modified gaussian function
    H Hassan, AK Bashir, R Abbasi, W Ahmad, B Luo
    Trans Emerging Tel Tech 2019

  • Optimal Haptic Communications over Nano-Networks for E-Health Systems.
    L Feng, A Ali, AK Bashir, M Iqbal, SA Hussain, S Park
    IEEE Transaction on Industrial Informatics 2019

  • Performance Analysis of FD-NOMA-based Decentralized V2X Systems
    D Zhang, Y Liu, L Dai, AK Bashir, A Nallanathan, B Shim
    IEEE Transactions on Communication 2019

  • Socially-Aware Congestion Control in Ad-Hoc Networks: Current Status and The Way Forward
    HB Liaqat, A Ali, J Qadir, AK Bashir, M Bilal, F Majeed
    Future Generation Computer Systems 2019

  • Hybrid Fuzzy Logic Scheme for Efficient Channel Utilization in Cognitive Radio Networks
    IEEE Access 4 2019

  • Stochastic game-based dynamic information delivery system for wireless cooperative networks
    L Feng, A Alib, HB Liaqat, MA Iftikhar, AK Bashir, SangheonPack
    Future Generation Computer Systems 95, 277-291 2019

  • Context-Aware Task Offloading for Multi-Access Edge Computing: Matching with Externalities.
    B Gu, Z Zhou, S Mumtaz, V Frascolla, AK Bashir.
    IEEE Globecom 2018 2018

  • A knowledge-based path optimization technique for cognitive nodes in smart grid.
    NMF Qureshi, AK Bashir, IF Siddiqui, A Abbas, K Choi, DR Shin.
    IEEE Globecom 2018 2018


  • Energy efficient in-network RFID data filtering scheme in wireless sensor networks
    AK Bashir, SJ Lim, CS Hussain, MS Park
    Sensors 11 (7), 7004-7021 2011
    Citations: 45

  • Location based multi-queue scheduler in wireless sensor network
    EM Lee, A Kashif, DH Lee, IT Kim, MS Park
    2010 the 12th international conference on advanced communication technology 2010
    Citations: 27

  • A Survey on Resource Management in IoT Operating Systems
    A Musaddiq, Y Bin Zikria, O Hahm, H Yu, AK Bashir, SW and Kim
    IEEE Access 6, 8459-8482 2018
    Citations: 26

  • A centralized location-based job scheduling algorithm for inter-dependent jobs in mobile ad hoc computational grids
    SC Shah, SH Chauhdary, AK Bashir, MS Park
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  • A context-aware service discovery consideration in 6LoWPAN
    SH Chauhdary, MY Cui, JH Kim, AK Bashir, MS Park
    2008 Third International Conference on Convergence and Hybrid Information 2008
    Citations: 15

  • EOATR: energy efficient object tracking by auto adjusting transmission range in wireless sensor network
    SH Chauhdary, AK Bashir, SC Shah, MS Park
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  • Energy efficient in-network phase RFID data filtering scheme
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  • Optimizing Lifespan and Energy Consumption by Smart Meters in Green-Cloud-Based Smart Grids
    IF Siddiqui, SUJ Lee, A Abbas, AK Bashir
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  • An Efficient Channel Access Scheme for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
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  • A collaborative scheme for boundary detection and tracking of continuous objects in WSNs
    CS Hussain, MS Park, AK Bashir, SC Shah, J Lee
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  • Mobile ad hoc computational grid for low constraint devices
    SC Shah, AK Bashir, SH Chauhdary, C Jiehui, MS Park
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  • Ubiquitous service discovery in pervasive computing environment
    C SajjadHussain, AHA Chaudhary Shafique Ahmed, AK Bashir, KH Kim, ...
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  • A machine learning approach for feature selection traffic classification using security analysis
    M Shafiq, X Yu, AK Bashir, HN Chaudhry, D Wang
    The Journal of Supercomputing 74 (10), 4867-4892 2018
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  • GARPAN: gateway-assisted inter-PAN routing for 6LoWPANs
    AH Akbar, KH Kim, WD Jung, AK Bashir, SW Yoo
    International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications, 186-194 2006
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  • Metric similarity regularizer to enhance pixel similarity performance for hyperspectral unmixing
    M Ahmad, AK Bashir, AM Khan
    Optik 140, 86-95 2017
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  • Collaborative detection and agreement protocol for routing malfunctioning in wireless sensor networks
    AK Bashir, AH Akbar, SA Chaudhary, CS Hussain, KH Kim
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  • Abstraction Layer based distributed architecture for virtualized data centers
    AK Bashir, Y Ohsita, M Murata
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  • In-network RFID data filtering scheme in RFID-WSN for RFID applications
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  • Mobile RFID and its design security issues
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