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Maternal and child health


Scopus Publications

Scopus Publications

  • The effectiveness of the self-care management model in midwife care through android application as an effort to increase the ability of pregnant mothers in early detection of pregnancy at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic
    Ika Mardiyanti, Annif Munjidah, Nanik Handayani, Siska Nurul Abidah, Hinda Novianti, Uliyatul Laili, and Lailatul Khusnul Rizki

    Bali Medical Journal, ISSN: 20891180, eISSN: 23022914, Pages: 1092-1094, Published: 2022 DiscoverSys, Inc.
    Introduction: The ability of pregnant women to detect early-risk pregnancies is still low, which is one of the causes of complications that can endanger the welfare of the mother and fetus. This research analyzed the effectiveness of the Self Care Model in Midwifery Care through an Android Application on the Ability of Pregnant Women to Early Detection of Risky Pregnancy During the Covid-19 pandemic. Methods: The data of this study of pregnant women who conducted examinations at PMB Ika Mardiyanti in Maret-May 2021 involved a sample of 100 obtained by simple random sampling. This study uses an analytic design with a cross-sectional design. Data analysis using the Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test. Results: The results show that Asym. Sig. (2-tailed) obtained < (0.0001 < 0.05), this means that the Self Care Model in Midwifery Care through the Android Application is effective for increasing the ability of pregnant women in early detect risky pregnancies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Conclusion: The research conducted to analyze the self-care model in midwifery care through the android application contributes to increasing the efforts of pregnant women to care for their care during pregnancy to prevent the dangers of pregnancy.

  • The effect of nutritional education using cognitive approaches and psychomotor approaches on fruit and vegetable consumption behavior in children
    Fritria Dwi Anggraini, Fauziyatun Nisa, Siti Nur Hasina, and Annif Munjidah

    Open Access Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences, eISSN: 18579655, Pages: 1161-1165, Published: 10 January 2021 Scientific Foundation SPIROSKI
    BACKGROUND: One of the problems related to eating behavior in children less than 5 years is the lack of consumption of fruits and vegetables. With this problem, an approach is needed to better consume it. AIM: This study aims to determine the effect of nutritional education using cognitive approaches (using illustrated storybooks and puppet shows) and psychomotor approaches (using puzzle and fruit and vegetable cards) on fruit and vegetable consumption behavior in children in the An-Nur Surabaya Kindergarten. METHODS: This study used a quasi-experimental study with a pre- and post-test group. The population is 48 respondents. Sampling uses the Probability sampling method with simple random sampling. The independent variable was nutrition education using media illustrated storybooks media, puppet shows, puzzles, and fruit and vegetable cards, meanwhile the dependent variable is consumption behavior of fruits and vegetables. The intervention was carried out 4 times. FFQ form was used to assess fruit and vegetables consumption behavior. RESULTS: The results showed that the average consumption of fruits and vegetables before the intervention was 168 g or equivalent to 1 portion, and the average after intervention was 304 g or equivalent to 3 servings. There is a significant influence (p = 0.000) on fruit and vegetable consumption through nutritional education. CONCLUSION: Nutritional education using media should be accompanied by a commitment to increase children’s motivation in eating fruits and vegetables.

  • The effects of tui na massage on the growth status of children under five years of age with KMS T status (Low weight gain)
    Annif Munjidah and Fitria Dwi Anggraini

    Journal of Public Health in Africa, ISSN: 20389922, eISSN: 20389930, Pages: 127-130, Published: 31 October 2019 PAGEPress Publications
    Nutritional problem in urban area is generally caused by food absorption disorder which can be treated by Tui Na massage. This article was aimed to investigate the effect of Tui Na massage on the growth status of children less than five years of age with KMS T status (low weight gain in Indonesia medical record). This quasiexperimental study was conducted by implementing pre-and-posttest design with control group. This study involved 26 children less than five years of age with KMS T as research samples chosen by simple random sampling technique. The results of analysis using paired t-test on the effect before and after Tui Na massage showed p=0.019 < α=0.05, while independent t-test in control and treatment group obtained p=0.065 > α=0.05. It shows that Tui Na massage affects the growth status of children under five years of age. Based on those results, midwives are expected to be able to perform Tui Na massage as an effort to develop the growth status of children under five years of age.