Bruno Penna

Microbiology and Parasitology
Universidade Federal Fluminense


Adjunct professor of bacteriology at the Department of Microbiology and Parasitology at Universidade Federal Fluminense and vice coordinator of the Postgraduate Program in Applied Microbiology and Parasitology (PPGMPA / UFF). He acts as advisor in the Postgraduate Program in Applied Microbiology and Parasitology and the Postgraduate Program in Veterinary Medicine (Animal Clinic and Reproduction). He is a Young Scientist from Our State (JCNE / FAPERJ). He is currently the Principal Investigator (PI) of a project approved in the so-called Grand Challenges Explorations Brazil: New Approaches to Characterize the Prevalence of Antimicrobial Resistance of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Graduated in Veterinary Medicine from Universidade Federal Fluminense (2005), Master in Clinical and Veterinary Reproduction from Universidade Federal Fluminense (2009), PhD in Veterinary Medicine (Clinic and Animal Reproduction) from Universidade Federal Fluminense (2013) and Post Doctorate (2014) by the same program. Has experience in Veterinary Medicine and Microbiology, with an emphasis on Veterinary Microbiology, acting mainly on the following themes: hay and genotypic characterization of Gram positive bacterial agents prevalent in topical infections of small animals and phenotypic and genotypic detection of resistance and virulence in Staphylococcus isolated from infectious processes in pet animals.


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