Dr.Molly Joy


Professor Head Department of Psychology
KristuJayanti College

MA. Psychology, M.A .English, MEd, PGD HR, Ph.D. Psychology

Professor and Head, Department of Psychology
Kristu Jayanti College , Bangalore
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Mobile : +91 9880096104 Office : 9902829797
Since 2002 till date Kristujayanti College (Autonomous)Bangalore ,India ,
Professor and Head , Department of Psychology and Research Center of Psychology Teaching at Postgraduate Level Since 18+ Years and Courses Handled are - Research Methods , Statistics in Psychology , SPSS, Organizational Behaviour, Industrial Psychology , Human Resource Management ,Positive Psychology, Social Psychology Alternative Psychotherapeutics, Theories of Personality, Learning, Intelligence , Psychology Practical Course ,Counselling Skills . Educational Psychology, Developmental Psychology.
Consultant Psychologist .
• Practicing Counselling, Life Coaching, Career Counseling, Hypnotherapy and Other Therapeutic Skill


MA Psy,MA Eng,MEd, PGD HR /


Psychology, Education/ HR / OB /Psychotherapy / Clinical/Social / Spiritual/ Intervention/ Qualitative


Ecologica Intelligence

to understand the knowledge and awareness on ecological thinking, consciousness and sustainability and determine the effect of Eco literacy programme on ecological aptitude among primary and secondary school students. The pretest posttest quasi experimental design was used to examine the Eco literacy programme on ecological aptitude .360 school students randomly chosen from two city schools. comprising of 90 girls and boys each from primary and secondary classes administered with the questionnaire based on four areas of ecological aptitude which was arrived by the researcher based on the following areas namely; Personal awareness on ecological crisis; Ecological sensibility; Safety and sustainability consciousness; Personal and social skills for ecological sustainability. The results indicated that the secondary school students had scored high on ecological aptitude among boys compared to primary school students. Similarly, the secondary school students had scored high on ecological ap

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