18 Experts from CZECH REPUBLIC (CZ)

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Ludek Vysin     - fzu.cz

Radiation and Chemical Physics
Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Jaroslav Hrabak     - cuni.cz

Biomedical Center, Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen
Charles University

Zdenek Havlas     - cas.cz

Theoretical Chemistry, Institute of Ogranic Chemistry and Biochemistry
Czech Academy of Sciences

Barbora Havelkova     - vfu.cz

Dpt of Ecology and Diseases of Game, Fish and Bees/Fakulty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology
University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno

Roman Zajac     - vutbr.cz

Brno University of Technology

Klára Hyspecká     - vutbr.cz


Jan Fojtasek     - vutbr.cz

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Institute of Automotive Engineering

Stepan Gregor     - fbm.vutbr.cz

Faculty Business and Management
Brno University of Technology

Satyendra Mondal     - mendelu.cz/

Project Researcher II
Mendel University in Brno

ivan jirka     - cas.cz

Czech Academy of Sciences

Marek Dobransky     - cuni.cz

Charles University

Vera Hamplova     - fzu.cz/en

FZU Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Katerina Komrskova

Reproductive Biology
Institute of Biotechnology CAS, v. v. i., BIOCEV: Vestec, CZ