fatemeh andy


PhD Student (private law)
Islamic Azad University Science and Research Branch




phd student in private law


Execution of the foreign Judgements and documents in Iran

foreign documents and executing the communities grow and develop ties crucial and inevitable task. Two of the sentences in the courts and execution of arbitral awards are done. In sentences and documents in the world, there are several systems that have any kind of a legal system with a ruling identified. Like most countries in the intermediate system is a control system that follows is limited. Implementation of this decree stipulated in Article 169 of the Civil execution Act accurate and expressed. Iranian court in such circumstances and conditions to determine if the application performs compliance with the requirements of Article 169 and thereafter requested and accepted the sentence or document issued by a foreign And otherwise it rejects. The execution of arbitral awards should also be said that the complex system that governs the terms and procedures of law governing the conditions and procedures.Due to these qualities, we can say that in principle the execution of foreign docum

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