Hamid Abdollahyan


Communication/Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Tehran



Hamid Abdollahyan is a Professor of Communication at the Department of Communication, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tehran in Tehran, Iran. His research interests include new media and cultural differences, Media and Public Sphere, Cultural Studies and Generations' Gap, Consumer Culture and Automobile Industry, Research Methods in Communications Studies, Comparative Dimensions of Sociology, Communication and History, Historical Sociology, Social Networking, Human-computer Interaction, Internet World and its Problematic for Science. His writings have appeared as a book titled Conceptualization of Reality in Historical Sociology; Narrating Absentee-Landlordism in Iran (2004), Comparative Perspectives in Sociology, Anthropology and Communication (2008). He also has published several articles in Journals such as Alternate Routes, Critique; Critical Middle Eastern Studies, WeltTrends, Asian Journal of Social Sciences, Journal of Media and Religion, Iranian Social Science


PhD in Sociology, from Carleton University


Arts and Humanities, Sociology and Political Science, Development, Communication



the relations between space and social relations.

Applications Invited

Historical Sociology of Iran

It deals with development issues concerning Iranian land reform and development.

Applications Invited

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