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Food Engineering


catering (convenience food)
milk and milk products


The Effect of Gypsophila Extract as Natural Emulsifier on The Steady, Dynamic Rheological Behavior and Microstructural Properties of The Ice Cream Mix

In this study, it was aimed to use the gypsum extract as an emulsifier in ice cream production. For this purpose, the effect of different ratios of gypsum extract on the steady, dynamic rheological properties and microstructural properties of the ice cream mix was aimed. All of the ice cream mix samples showed non newtonian shear thinning character. K and n values were calculated by modeling the rheological properties of the steady shear exponent with the law model. The K value of the frozen samples decreased to a certain level with the addition of gypsum extract, but showed the highest value in the sample containing 0.3% linseed and 0.1% lecithin. All of the ice cream mix samples exhibited viscoelastic solid character. In the ice cream mix samples produced with gypsum extract, the oil droplets showed a more homogeneous distribution in the form of small particles. The results of this study showed that the gypsum extract could be used successfully as an emulsifier in ice cream productio

Applications Invited
Rheology, steady shear, microstructural, gypsum extract.