Hussain Musa Hussain

Remote Sensing Center & Geology Department
University of Kufa

Holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Baghdad in the specialization of Earth Sciences in the first series on the department in 1992 And a master's degree in water resources from the same university with a distinction in 1995 and a PhD in the specialization of applications of geomatics in the environmental and hydrographic models of the Indian Institute of Technology in Roroki in 2005, analyst and programmer systems of data systems for more than 7 years in the center of electronic calculator Teaching at the Faculty of Engineering, Civil Engineering Department, then in the Faculty of Science, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Kufa, and now Director of the Center for Remote Sensitivity at the same university. He has published more than 45 scientific researches in the world and has supervised 10 specialized PhD students


Ph.D. in Hydrology


GIS & Remote sensing, water, soil and Air quality index, Environmental Modelling


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