Julia Casanova Durante

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Graduated in Pharmacy from Centro Universitário Barão de Mauá (2022). Sh received a scholarship in Scientific Initiation from Centro Universitário Barão de Maúa, with the project entitled: Development of a color evaluation method to quantify erythema - statistical model using matrix equation of multiple linear regression. She is currently a master's student with a CAPES scholarship, in the research project "Prolonged use of benzodiazepines in Primary Health Care: evaluation of effectiveness, dependence and cognitive by the Pharmaceutical Sciences program (CAPES 7 Concept) of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ribeirão Preto. Its project aims to evaluate users of Primary Health Care in prolonged use of Benzodiazepines regarding the severity of dependence, the impairment of cognitive function and the effectiveness of the medication in the management of anxiety or insomnia, through sociodemographic and clinical questionnaires.


Utilização de medicamentos e segurança no uso de medicamentos


Prolonged use of benzodiazepines in primary health care: assessment of effectivenes, dependency and cognitive function.

Introduction. Epidemiological data indicate that anxiety and sleep disorders are significant health problems in the Brazilian population, and it is common for these disorders to be treated with psychotropic drugs, including benzodiazepines (BZD). Although BZDs are relatively safe when used alone and in the short term, prolonged use or in combination with other drugs carry significant risks, including cognitive decline, mental confusion, delirium, impaired memory and attention, dependence, tolerance, increased risk of falls and fractures and exacerbation of respiratory dysfunction. In Brazil, the main source of BZD prescriptions is Primary Health Care (PHC). Goal. Evaluate PHC users in prolonged use of BZD regarding the severity of dependence, impairment of cognitive function and the effectiveness of the drug in managing anxiety or insomnia. Method. This research project is part of the PRESCRIBZD study (inadequate prescription of benzodiazepines in PHC and its consequences) and consists

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