Mª Angeles Zorrilla Lopez-Perea

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Answering questions. And ready to find the next question.


BSc Biochemistry. Itinerary Biotechnology.


Database creations

Compile information either scattered or not minded. Any data could be accessed anywhere offering links to any related information.

Applications Invited
an engineer to launch the database.

Laboratory simulations

For equipment in lab. Create virtual equipement to show students how to use the material in lab. Show them the techniques, from a chemical, biological, biochemical, physical, medical, biomedical lab. Any kind of lab. Ask questions and show laboratory real results including prerecorded results of mistakes and errors.

Applications Invited
Chemists and technitians to show the lab and the results.

Book publishing

To accompany databases and articles. For libraries and students. From different situations, write books, to keep them in libraries. Topics: education, dinosaurs, biochemical mathematics (lab), biotechnology, space, evolution of the human species.

Applications Invited
appropriate editorial, and ISSBN.