Maghsoud Amiri

Department of Industrial Management, Faculty of Management and Accounting
Allameh Tabataba’i University


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  • A Multi-Objective Optimization Model for a Reliable Generalized Flow Network Design
    M Dehghani, V Vahdat, M Amiri, E Rabiei, S Salehi
    Computers & Industrial Engineering, 106074 2019

  • An Efficient Simulation Optimization Methodology to Solve a Multi-Objective Problem in Unreliable Unbalanced Production Lines
    MM Motlagh, P Azimi, M Amiri, G Madraki
    Expert Systems with Applications, 112836 2019

  • symmetry SS
    M Keshavarz-Ghorabaee, M Amiri, EK Zavadskas, Z Turskis, ...
    Solution Models based on Symmetric and Asymmetric Information, 74 2019

  • An integrated decision making approach for glass container industries
    SMA Khatami Firouzabadi, M Amiri, MT Taghavifard, N Fakhim Hashemi
    Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering 12 (2), 138-150 2019

  • Redundancy allocation problem with a mixed strategy for a system with k-out-of-n subsystems and time-dependent failure rates based on Weibull distribution: An optimization via
    PP Guilani, P Azimi, M Sharifi, M Amiri
    Scientia Iranica. Transaction E, Industrial Engineering 26 (2), 1023-1038 2019

  • A Multi-Objective Model for Optimizing Iranian Bank Portfolio Investment Considering Resistive Economy Criteria
    R Golestaneh, R Fekri, M Amiri, R Sajjad
    2019 15th Iran International Industrial Engineering Conference (IIIEC), 7-13 2019

  • Positioning and Optimized Allocation of Transfer Points, Hospitals and Emergency Services Centers to Organize a Crisis Relief Chain, Assuming Screening of Injuries
    SH Seyyedi, SMA Khatami FirouzAbadi, M Amiri, SMT Taghavi Fard
    Industrial Management Journal 11 (1), 1-20 2019

  • Designing a Green Closed-loop Supply Chain Simulation Model and Product Pricing in The Presence of a Competitor

  • Ranking of Bridge Design Alternatives: A TOPSIS-FADR Method
    M Keshavarz-Ghorabaee, M Amiri, EK Zavadskas, Z Turskis, ...
    The Baltic Journal of Road and Bridge Engineering 13 (3), 209-237 2018

    M Keshavarz-Ghorabaee, M Amiri, EK Zavadskas, Z Turskis, ...
    Economic Computation & Economic Cybernetics Studies & Research 52 (3) 2018

  • Hybrid robust, stochastic and possibilistic programming for closed-loop supply chain network design
    E Dehghan, MS Nikabadi, M Amiri, A Jabbarzadeh
    Computers & Industrial Engineering 123, 220-231 2018

  • Designing innovation policy mix: a multi-objective decision-making approach
    S Ghazinoory, M Amiri, S Ghazinoori, P Alizadeh
    Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 1-21 2018

  • تعیین ترکیب بهینه استراتژیهای زنجیره تأمین لارج با بهرهگیری از تحلیل SWOT، تکنیکهای تصمیمگیری چند معیاره و تئوری بازی
    امیری, مقصود, حسینی دهشیری, سید جلال الدین, یوسفی هنومرور

  • A Model for Performance Assessment of the Investment Companies with Data Envelopment Analysis Approach and Principal Component Segregation Method.
    A Saqafi, S Osta, M Amiri, F Barzideh
    Journal of Financial Accounting Research 10 (1) 2018

  • Optimization redundancy allocation problem with nonexponential repairable components using simulation approach and artificial neural network
    M Hemmati, M Amiri, M Zandieh
    Quality and Reliability Engineering International 34 (3), 278-297 2018

  • An Extended Step-Wise Weight Assessment Ratio Analysis with Symmetric Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sets for Determining the Subjective Weights of Criteria in Multi-Criteria Decision
    M Keshavarz-Ghorabaee, M Amiri, EK Zavadskas, Z Turskis, ...
    Symmetry 10 (4), 91 2018

  • A Dynamic Fuzzy Approach Based on the EDAS Method for Multi-Criteria Subcontractor Evaluation
    M Keshavarz-Ghorabaee, M Amiri, EK Zavadskas, Z Turskis, ...
    Information 9 (3), 68 2018

  • مدلی برای انعطاف پذیری مالی شرکت های پذیرفته شده دربورس اوراق بهادار تهران
    خالقی مقدم, حساس یگانه, امیری, مقصود, شیره زاده, جلال

  • Redundancy allocation in series-parallel systems under warm standby and active components in repairable subsystems
    H Hadipour, M Amiri, M Sharifi
    Reliability Engineering & System Safety 2018

  • Identifying and categorizing the innovation performance determinants of advanced materials firms in Iran
    J Mashayekh, SH TABATABAEIAN, M AMIRI, MM Shokrieh


  • Flexible job-shop scheduling with parallel variable neighborhood search algorithm
    M Yazdani, M Amiri, M Zandieh
    Expert Systems with Applications 37 (1), 678-687 2010
    Citations: 231

  • Multi-objective scheduling of dynamic job shop using variable neighborhood search
    MA Adibi, M Zandieh, M Amiri
    Expert Systems with Applications 37 (1), 282-287 2010
    Citations: 164

  • Extension of VIKOR method based on interval-valued fuzzy sets
    B Vahdani, H Hadipour, JS Sadaghiani, M Amiri
    The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 47 (9-12 2010
    Citations: 118

  • Extended EDAS method for fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making: an application to supplier selection
    MK Ghorabaee, EK Zavadskas, M Amiri, Z Turskis
    International Journal of Computers Communications & Control 11 (3), 358-371 2016
    Citations: 98

  • Multi-criteria evaluation of green suppliers using an extended WASPAS method with interval type-2 fuzzy sets
    MK Ghorabaee, EK Zavadskas, M Amiri, A Esmaeili
    Journal of Cleaner Production 137, 213-229 2016
    Citations: 92

  • Multiple criteria group decision-making for supplier selection based on COPRAS method with interval type-2 fuzzy sets
    MK Ghorabaee, M Amiri, JS Sadaghiani, GH Goodarzi
    The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 75 (5-8 2014
    Citations: 75

  • Supplier evaluation and selection in fuzzy environments: a review of MADM approaches
    M Keshavarz Ghorabaee, M Amiri, EK Zavadskas, J Antucheviciene
    Economic research-Ekonomska istraživanja 30 (1), 1073-1118 2017
    Citations: 74

  • Solving binary-state multi-objective reliability redundancy allocation series-parallel problem using efficient epsilon-constraint, multi-start partial bound enumeration
    K Khalili-Damghani, M Amiri
    Reliability Engineering & System Safety 103, 35-44 2012
    Citations: 72

  • A variable neighbourhood search algorithm for the flexible job-shop scheduling problem
    M Amiri, M Zandieh, M Yazdani, A Bagheri
    International journal of production research 48 (19), 5671-5689 2010
    Citations: 69

  • An integrated eigenvector–DEA–TOPSIS methodology for portfolio risk evaluation in the FOREX spot market
    M Amiri, M Zandieh, B Vahdani, R Soltani, V Roshanaei
    Expert Systems with Applications 37 (1), 509-516 2010
    Citations: 65

  • Buffer allocation in unreliable production lines based on design of experiments, simulation, and genetic algorithm
    M Amiri, A Mohtashami
    The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 62 (1-4), 371-383 2012
    Citations: 61

  • A hybrid multi-criteria decision-making model for firms competence evaluation
    M Amiri, M Zandieh, R Soltani, B Vahdani
    Expert Systems with Applications 36 (10), 12314-12322 2009
    Citations: 61

  • Developing a DEMATEL method to prioritize distribution centers in supply chain
    M Amiri, J Sadaghiyani, N Payani, M Shafieezadeh
    Management Science Letters 1 (3), 279-288 2011
    Citations: 60

  • A new multi-criteria model based on interval type-2 fuzzy sets and EDAS method for supplier evaluation and order allocation with environmental considerations
    MK Ghorabaee, M Amiri, EK Zavadskas, Z Turskis, J Antucheviciene
    Computers & Industrial Engineering 112, 156-174 2017
    Citations: 48

  • A system dynamics modeling approach for a multi-level, multi-product, multi-region supply chain under demand uncertainty
    RRP Langroodi, M Amiri
    Expert Systems with Applications 51, 231-244 2016
    Citations: 47

  • Multi-criteria project selection using an extended VIKOR method with interval type-2 fuzzy sets
    MK Ghorabaee, M Amiri, JS Sadaghiani, EK Zavadskas
    International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making 14 (05 2015
    Citations: 41

  • A multi-stage decision-making process for multiple attributes analysis under an interval-valued fuzzy environment
    SM Mousavi, B Vahdani, R Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, S Ebrahimnejad, ...
    The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 64 (9-12 2013
    Citations: 41

  • A robust parameter design for multi-response problems
    M Zandieh, M Amiri, B Vahdani, R Soltani
    Journal of computational and applied mathematics 230 (2), 463-476 2009
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  • Fuzzy extension of the CODAS method for multi-criteria market segment evaluation
    MK Ghorabaee, M Amiri, EK Zavadskas, R Hooshmand, J Antuchevičienė
    Journal of Business Economics and Management 18 (1), 1-19 2017
    Citations: 39

  • Multi-criteria group decision-making using an extended EDAS method with interval type-2 fuzzy sets
    MK Ghorabaee, M Amiri, EK Zavadskas, Z Turskis
    Technick univerzita v Liberci 2017
    Citations: 35