Mahesh Lakum

Assistant Professor, Electronics and Communication Engineering
Sumathi Reddy Institute of Technology for Women, Warangal

Mahesh Lakum is currently working as an Assistant Professor in a prestigious institute i.e Sumathi Reddy Institute of Technology for Women has excellent command over the subject with extraordinary academic and teaching skills, is committed to the growth and development of students and teaching.


M.Tech, VLSI & Embedded Systems, KITS Warangal
B.Tech, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Vaagdevi College of Engineering.


Wireless Communication, VLSI design


Cultivation of Cash Crops using Automated Greenhouse using Internet of Things (IoT)

Cultivation is the fundamental wellspring of pay of the general population in a nation like India adding up to 15-16% of the Gross domestic product of the nation. As per the financial overview of India 2018, around 55% of the number of inhabitants in India relies upon cultivating as their wellspring of occupation pay and time has come to acquaint a few changes with supplant those conventional cultivating rehearses with the development of money trims under computerized nursery utilizing IoT through remote sensors, actuators, microcontroller, raspberry pi, GSM module and associating links. In this paper, we have proposed a low-cost greenhouse prototype model which can be afforded by the Indian farmers for the cultivation of cash crops such as saffron, vanilla, sugarcane, etc. and they can carry out the cultivation under this automated greenhouse thus improving their social, economic and financial condition by a great extent.

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Received GATE scholarship during the Masters education