Muh Syarif B

Civil Engineering
Moslem University of Indonesia



Beam-Column Connection

Precast connection system in structure element must be designed in such way to result in required behaviour, such as plastic hingesmust be well-planned to be able to shed earthquake energy and to limit seismic loading that goes inside the structure. This research is experimental study that precast beam connection which is modeled using steel plate. The result of this model design use to compare the occurence of structure deformity rigidity in monolith concrete construction (BN) and precast concrete (BP1 and BP2). The testing dimension consists of column with the size 300x300 mm and height 3300mm, beam 200x300 mm and width 3300 mm, with steel plate 200x400x8 mm and 300x400x8. This study resulted in monolith testing material (BN) produces average value 47.8 % from its previous rigidity, BP1is 57.13% from its previous rigidity, and BP2 is 52.22% from its previous rigidity

Applications Invited



    International Journal of Advances in Mechanical and Civil Engineering (IJAMCE)
    Academicsera 21st International Conference on Civil and Environmental Engineering (ICCEE)