Maria Claudia França da Cunha Felinto

Professor Dr / Comissão Nacional de Energia Nuclear
Instituto de Pesquisas Energéticas e Nucleares


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  • Investigation on the formation of highly luminescent β-diketone-Ln (III)-EDTA water-soluble complexes
    HRM Silva, WM Faustino, EES Teotonio, HF Brito, OL Malta, ...
    Journal of Luminescence 207, 182-187 2019

  • Development of highly luminescent PMMA films doped with Eu3+β-diketonate coordinated on ancillary ligand
    LHC Francisco, M Felinto, HF Brito, EES Teotonio, OL Malta
    Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 1-10 2019

  • Persistent luminescence of inorganic nanophosphors prepared by wet-chemical synthesis
    E Bonturim, LG Merzio, R dos Reis, HF Brito, LCV Rodrigues, ...
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds 732, 705-715 2018

  • Synthesis and photoluminescence properties of [Eu (dbm) 3 PX] and [Eu (acac) 3 PX] complexes
    TA Kovacs, MCFC Felinto, TB Paolini, B Ali, LKO Nakamura, ...
    Journal of Luminescence 193, 98-105 2018

  • Rare Earth-Indomethacinate Complexes with Heterocyclic Ligands: Synthesis and Photoluminescence Properties
    JBM Resende Filho, PR Santos, JA Vale, WM Faustino, DS Farias, ...
    Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society 28 (12), 2281-2290 2017

  • Photoluminescence of single-phased white light emission materials based on simultaneous Tb3+, Eu3+ and Dy3+ doping in CaWO4 matrix
    HP Barbosa, IGN Silva, MCFC Felinto, EES Teotonio, OL Malta, HF Brito
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds 696, 820-827 2017

  • Synthesis and characterization of triply doped magneto luminescent iron-oxide/'SiO IND. 2'and'NaGdF IND. 4':'RE POT. 3+'
    N Shrivastava, D Muruca, U Rocha, S Moreno, C Jacinto, HF Brito, ...
    Program Book 2017

  • Novel dipivaloylmethanate compounds of trivalent lanthanide ions: synthesis, structure and energy transfer
    YC Miranda, PRS Silva, EES Teotonio, WM Faustino, HF Brito, FF Silva, ...
    Program Book 2017

  • Submicro-crystals of'BaWO IND. 4':'Eu POT. 3+'and'BaMoO IND. 4':'Eu POT. 3+'synthetized by Pechini method
    MCFC Felinto, RP Moreira, E Bonturim, HP Barbosa, HF Brito, ...
    Program Book 2017

  • Multicolor tunability and quantum cutting of ternary ion activated'LaF IND. 3'nanophasphores: downconversion and magnetic behavior
    N Shrivastava, LU Khan, JM Vargas, CAO Ramirez, JAH Coaquira, ...
    Proceedings 2017

  • Combinatorial investigation of magneto-luminescence properties of bi-functional nanostructures of iron-oxide@ ternary doped rare-earth fluorides
    SK Sharma, N Shrivastava, LU Khan, ZU Khan, JM Vargas, OM Londoo, ...
    Proceedings 2017

  • Efficient multicolor tunability of ultrasmall ternary-doped'LaF IND. 3'nanoparticles: energy conversion and magnetic behavior
    N Srivastava, LU Khan, JM Vargas, C Ospina, JAQ Coaquira, ...
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (28), 18660-18670 2017

  • Photoluminescence and magnetic investigation of ternary ion activated enhanced multicolor'LaF IND. 3'nanophasphores
    N Shrivastava, LU Khan, JM Vargas, C Ospina, JAQ Coaquira, ...
    Program Book 2017

  • Silver nanoparticle Plasmon Effect in the luminescence of X%'Ag POT. 0'@ 7.5% Eu (tta)'IND. 3' TOPO-PVP system
    MCFC Felinto, LA Souza, E Bonturim, LKO Nakamura, PHC Camargo, ...
    Program Book 2017

  • Cashew gun resin doped with Eu (tta)'IND. 3'(TPPO)'IND. 2'and Eu (dbm)'IND. 3'(TPPO) nanoparticle acting as biomaker
    MCFC Felinto, FFS Salvador, E Bonturim, HF Brito, PR Santos, ...
    Program Book 2017

  • Investigation of rare earth distribution in'Sr IND. 2''MgSi IND. 2''O IND. 7':'Eu POT. 2+','Dy POT. 3+'nanophosphors prepared by wet-chemical routes
    E Bonturim, R Reis, LG Merzio, LCV Rodrigues, HF Brito, MCFC Felinto
    Program Book 2017

  • Tuning colors in novel electroluminescent devices based on Al-indandionate complexes
    IF Costa, JL Moura, RE Adenes, HF Brito, MCFC Felinto, WM Faustino, ...

  • Multicolor emission in single-phase Ca ('MoO IND. 4')('WO IND. 4'):'Dy POT. 3+','Eu POT. 3+'materials prepared by rapid synthesis
    HP Barbosa, CCS Pedroso, IGN Silva, MCFC Felinto, OML Malta, HF Brito
    Program Book 2017

  • Submicron-crystals of'BaWO IND. 4':'Dy POT. 3+'and'SrWO IND. 4':'Dy POT. 3+'synthetized by green chemistry method
    MCFC Felinto, EL Gaiollo, RP Moreira, E Bonturim, HP Barbosa, ...
    Program Book 2017

  • Building block magneto-luminescent nanomaterials of iron-oxide/ZnS@ LaF 3: Ce 3+, Gd 3+, Tb 3+ with green emission
    N Shrivastava, LU Khan, ZU Khan, JM Vargas, O Moscoso-Londoo, ...
    Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5 (9), 2282-2290 2017


  • Luminescence investigation of Eu3+ ion in the RE2 (WO4) 3 matrix (RE= La and Gd) produced using the Pechini method
    CA Kodaira, HF Brito, MCFC Felinto
    Journal of Solid State Chemistry 171 (1-2), 401-407 2003
    Citations: 218

  • Luminescence investigation of the Sm (III)-β-diketonates with sulfoxides, phosphine oxides and amides ligands
    HF Brito, OL Malta, MCFC Felinto, EES Teotonio, JFS Menezes, ...
    Journal of alloys and compounds 344 (1-2), 293-297 2002
    Citations: 113

  • A lead-selective extraction chromatographic resin and its application to the isolation of lead from geological samples
    EP Horwitz, ML Dietz, S Rhoads, C Felinto, NH Gale, J Houghton
    Analytica Chimica Acta 292 (3), 263-273 1994
    Citations: 104

  • Synthesis and spectroscopic behavior of highly luminescent Eu3+–dibenzoylmethanate (DBM) complexes with sulfoxide ligands
    E Niyama, HF Brito, M Cremona, EES Teotonio, R Reyes, GES Brito, ...
    Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 61 (11 2005
    Citations: 97

  • Discovery of the Persistent Luminescence Mechanism of CdSiO3:Tb3+
    LCV Rodrigues, HF Brito, J Hölsä, R Stefani, MCFC Felinto, ...
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (20), 11232-11240 2012
    Citations: 95

  • Evaluation of intramolecular energy transfer process in the lanthanide (III) bis-and tris-(TTA) complexes: Photoluminescent and triboluminescent behavior
    EES Teotonio, GM Fett, HF Brito, WM Faustino, GF de S, MCFC Felinto, ...
    Journal of Luminescence 128 (2), 190-198 2008
    Citations: 80

  • Optical investigation of Y2O3: Sm3+ nanophosphor prepared by combustion and Pechini methods
    CA Kodaira, R Stefani, AS Maia, M Felinto, HF Brito
    Journal of Luminescence 127 (2), 616-622 2007
    Citations: 75

  • Synthesis, crystalline structure and photoluminescence investigations of the new trivalent rare earth complexes (Sm3+, Eu3+ and Tb3+) containing 2-thiophenecarboxylate as
    EES Teotonio, MCFC Felinto, HF Brito, OL Malta, AC Trindade, R Najjar, ...
    Inorganica chimica acta 357 (2), 451-460 2004
    Citations: 75

  • Persistent luminescence of Eu2+ and Dy3+ doped barium aluminate (BaAl2O4: Eu2+, Dy3+) materials
    R Stefani, LCV Rodrigues, CAA Carvalho, MCFC Felinto, HF Brito, ...
    Optical Materials 31 (12), 1815-1818 2009
    Citations: 73

  • Photoluminescent behavior of SrB4O7: RE2+ (RE= Sm and Eu) prepared by Pechini, combustion and ceramic methods
    R Stefani, AD Maia, EES Teotonio, MAF Monteiro, M Felinto, HF Brito
    Journal of Solid State Chemistry 179 (4), 1086-1092 2006
    Citations: 73

  • Synthesis and performance of organic-coated magnetite particles
    M Yamaura, RL Camilo, M Felinto
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds 344 (1-2), 152-156 2002
    Citations: 68

  • Luminescent nanoparticles of MgAl2O4: Eu, Dy prepared by citrate sol–gel method
    AS Maia, R Stefani, CA Kodaira, MCFC Felinto, EES Teotonio, HF Brito
    Optical Materials 31 (2), 440-444 2008
    Citations: 62

  • Preparation, crystal structure and optical spectroscopy of the rare earth complexes (RE3+= Sm, Eu, Gd and Tb) with 2-thiopheneacetate anion
    EES Teotonio, HF Brito, MCFC Felinto, LC Thompson, VG Young, ...
    Journal of molecular structure 751 (1-3), 85-94 2005
    Citations: 60

  • Thermoluminescence and synchrotron radiation studies on the persistent luminescence of BaAl2O4: Eu2+, Dy3+
    LCV Rodrigues, R Stefani, HF Brito, M Felinto, J Hls, M Lastusaari, ...
    Journal of Solid State Chemistry 183 (10), 2365-2371 2010
    Citations: 51

  • Photoluminescence behavior of the Sm3+ and Tb3+ ions doped into the Gd2 (WO4) 3 matrix prepared by the Pechini and ceramic methods
    CA Kodaira, HF Brito, EES Teotonio, MCFC Felinto, OL Malta, GES Brito
    Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society 15 (6), 890-896 2004
    Citations: 51

  • Luminescence phenomena involving metal enolates
    H Felinto Brito, O Manoel Loureiro Malta, ...
    PATAI'S Chemistry of Functional Groups 2009
    Citations: 50

  • Synthesis and luminescent properties of supramolecules of β-diketonate of Eu (III) and crown ethers as ligands
    MCFC Felinto, CS Tomiyama, HF Brito, EES Teotonio, OL Malta
    Journal of Solid State Chemistry 171 (1-2), 189-194 2003
    Citations: 46

  • Luminescence investigations on Eu (III) thenoyltrifluoroacetonate complexes with amide ligands
    EES Teotonio, HF Brito, MCFC Felinto, CA Kodaira, OL Malta
    Journal of Coordination Chemistry 56 (10), 913-921 2003
    Citations: 45

  • Photoluminescence behavior of Eu3+ ion doped into γ-and α-alumina systems prepared by combustion, ceramic and Pechini methods
    MAF Monteiro, HF Brito, M Felinto, GES Brito, EES Teotonio, FM Vichi, ...
    Microporous and mesoporous materials 108 (1-3), 237-246 2008
    Citations: 40

  • Measurement and model calculation of the temperature dependence of ligand-to-metal energy transfer rates in lanthanide complexes
    WM Faustino, LA Nunes, IAA Terra, MCFC Felinto, HF Brito, OL Malta
    Journal of Luminescence 137, 269-273 2013
    Citations: 36