Olivia Munoz


UMR 8215 "Trajectoires"



I am an archaeo-anthropologist, specializing in the recent prehistory and protohistory of Arabia. I hold a PhD in Archaeology-Ethnology-Prehistory from the University of Paris-I Panthéon-Sorbonne and a PhD in Animal Biology from the Università di Roma La Sapienza, obtained in 2014, and I have been a CNRS research fellow since 2018. My research focuses on the evolution of ancient populations in constrained environments, through the reconstruction of their lifestyles and the study of their burial practices. I am particularly interested in the mechanisms of adaptations of coastal populations between the Neolithic and the Bronze Age (6000-2000 BCE), and in the biocultural changes that accompany the development of oasis agriculture in Arabia (food, sanitary status, demography, sedentariness, social complexification,...).


2014 PhD Anthropologie-Ethnologie-Préhistoire – Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
2014 PhD Biologie Animale – Università di Roma La Sapienza
PhD Thesis: « Pratiques funéraires et paramètres biologiques dans la péninsule d’Oman du Néolithique à la fin de l’âge du Bronze ancien (V-IIIe millénaires avant notre ère) » │ supervisors: Serge Cleuziou, Jean-Paul Demoule, Alfredo Coppa


Archaeology, Biological anthropology, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Arabian peninsula


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    O Munoz
    Seminar for Arabian Studies 2023

  • Evolution of the funerary landscape and mortuary practices in the Hajar foothills during the Early Bronze Age: the case of the Bisya region (Sultanate of Oman)
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    O Munoz
    Symposium" Bahren et ses voisins", Muse du Louvre 2022

  • Mortuary practices and bioanthropological data in the Oman Peninsula from the Neolithic to the Early Bronze Age (6th-3rd mill. BC)
    O Munoz
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    UMR 7041 Arscan; UMR 8215 Trajectoires; Universit de Paris 1 Panthon 2022

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  • Protohistoric cairns and tower tombs in south-eastern Arabia (end of the 4th-beginning of the 3rd millennium BCE)
    O Munoz
    Megaliths of the world 2, 905-920 2022

  • Le phnomne des tombes tours protohistoriques dans la pninsule arabique
    O Munoz
    Sminaire “Lieux et espaces funraires”(coord. B. Boisavit-Camus, K 2021

  • Building on 162 years of scientific publication, the Bulletins et Mmoires de la Socit d’Anthropologie introduces unlimited free access to enter the world of open science
    A Mounier, S Kacki, A Balzeau, B Bertrand, C Bon, C Buquet-Marcon, ...
    Bulletins et Mmoires de la Socit d'anthropologie de Paris 33 (1) 2021

  • 162 ans, les Bulletins et Mmoires de la Socit d’Anthropologie s’ engagent pour une science ouverte et passent en accs libre et gratuit
    A Mounier, S Kacki, A Balzeau, B Bertrand, C Bon, C Buquet-Marcon, ...
    Bulletins et mmoires de la Socit d’Anthropologie de Paris. BMSAP 33 (33 (1)) 2021

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    O Munoz

  • " Anthropological report of a child skeleton in sounding 15". In G. Charloux & R. Loreto (ds.), Dma 5. The 2014-2015 Report of the Saudi–Italian–French Archaeological Project
    O Munoz
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  • Survey and excavation at the Sebkhat adh-Dhabtiyah (SAD) necropolis, 2021. Preliminary report,(in collaboration with C. Gallinand, I. al-Mshabi, H. Hamdoon, I. Mahroun, and M
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    Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities 2021

  • Sounding 18. The platform on the Rijm al-Burj. In G. Charloux & R. Loreto (ds.), Dma 5. The 2014-2015 Report of the Saudi–Italian–French Archaeological Project at Dmat al
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  • Chronique d’une mort annonce? Quand la Loi de programmation de la recherche sonne le glas de la recherche publique. Considrations d’archologues sur les effets nfastes de ce
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