Pralay Kumar Karmakar

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Professor and Physics/Faculty
Tezpur University, Assam, India



Plasma Physics, Astrophysics, Nonlinear Dynamics, Fluid Dynamics


(1) The first-batch graduate (with 2nd position) from Birjhorma Mahavidyalaya with Physics major

(2) MSc (with specialization in Theoretical Physics) from Gauhati University

(3) Worked in Center of Plasma Physics – Institute for Plasma Research (CPP-IPR) in Theoretical Plasma Physics for PhD awarded by Gauhati University

(4) Joined the Department of Physics, Tezpur University, as Assistant Professor in 2006; now, working as Associate Professor



(3) CSIR Senior Research Fellowship (SRF)

(2) Several projects from GoI sources (UGC, SERB)


[1] Plasma Science Society of India (PSSI LM ID: 424)
[2] Assam Science Society (ASS LM ID: 107)
[3] Departmental Advisory Committee (DAC)
[4] Life Member of several National and International Physical Societies


Ph.D. (Plasma Physics)


Astroplasma Physics, Fluid Stability, Plasma Physics, Plasma Sheaths, Complex Systems, Cosmic Fluid Dynamics, and Structure Formation


Astrophysical plasmas and fluids

I am interested in structure formation dynamics

Applications Invited
Collaborators, Experts, Examiners, etc

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