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Scopus Publications

  • A Case Study on Green Areas Change-Detection in Baghdad Using Artificial Intelligence
    Rasha A. Ali and Inaam A. Al-Bazzaz

    Revue d'Intelligence Artificielle, ISSN: 0992499X, eISSN: 19585748, Pages: 873-880, Published: December 2022 International Information and Engineering Technology Association
    As our cities expand and more people migrate into already crowded regions, green areas in cities minimize the effects of pollution and help reduce the urban heat island effect. Adhamiya in Baghdad is one of these urban fabrics that are suffering nowadays from crowded urban fabric with a shortage of green lungs; therefore, in response to these rapid changes and the need to keep an eye on them. This research presented a study based on artificial intelligence, which took advantage of HSV spectrum by restricting it to a group of colors that represent the colors of the green areas, as well as the generation of masks and use of them in the design of the study, as these technologies might provide speedy findings and contribute to the formulation of real-time judgments to examine examples of tissue changes and their influencing elements. Changes in the Green areas of urban fabric were analyzed using artificial intelligence has made considerable progress in exploring and deducing real-time changes and monitoring the environment. The results revealed a drop in the ratio of green areas from 22.45% to 5.46%. This serious indicator necessitates intervention by decision leaders to rectify the situation due to an important correlation between the decline in green areas and the increase in temperature in the region.

  • The impact of nanomaterials on sustainable architectural applications smart concrete as a model
    Rasha A. Ali and Omar H. Kharofa

    Materials Today: Proceedings, eISSN: 22147853, Pages: 3010-3017, Published: 2021 Elsevier BV