Rafaela Herrmann Gil

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Rafaela has worked as an Executive Advisor for the Secretary Executive and the Minister of Human Rights in Brazil, participated in the national subcommittee of "Operação Acolhida" representing the federal government to relocate Venezuelan migrants, monitored the federal observatory of human rights (ObservaRio) during the federal intervention in the public security in the state of Rio de Janeiro, went on an international agenda advising the Minister of Human Rights and other authorities in Harvard, American University, UN Headquarters, OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro, Boston Consulate, others, and also participated in a few jobs at the National Congress, and other major and minor duties.
In every personal and professional aspect she's improving her skills to collaborate in studies where people will be granted their human rights, for justice, for equal rights, for peace, for a sustainable development whilst fighting for the wildlife and its preservation.


International Relations Specialist, Graduated in International Relations in Brazil and in Spain (focused in Law Public Administration, Geopolitics and Economy) and some courses such as: Public Administration during Crisis, Legislative Process, Migration in Brazil, Human Rights, Sustainability, Citizenship and Mediator practice


Public Policy, International Relations, Human Rights, Public Administration, Law and Institutions, Sustainable Development, Indigenous Studies, Women's Rights, Education


Where can I find Justice?

This project comes from the necessity to fight against politics and money interfering in the judicial process in Brazil and the main study will be a proposition to change Justice the way it is today.

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Where can I find Pindorama people?

Pindorama was the name indigenous people called the country where Brazil took place by the Portuguese. This project is to collect historical evidence of the genocide of these original people and how much of their land is being taken from them. There is an urgent call for these peoples whom suffered from the colonial times until these days.

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