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Oncology Department

I am a medical doctor who has graduated with an MBChB (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degrees) from Baghdad Medical College/Iraq 2007. I also graduated from Bangor University/the UK with an MSc in Medical Molecular Biology with Genetics/Thesis in Cancer 2012. I have also obtained my Danish Medical License after I had passed the Danish language requirements and the Written Medical and Oral Medical Examinations for Non-EU Medical Doctors at Copenhagen University 2018.

No doubt that working for over 5 years in various clinical specializations and for long working hours in a War Zone Area, Baghdad/Iraq, has helped me develop and increase my clinical skills. My research work in the UK and my current studies and work in Denmark since 2016 have enriched me further, and it is very humbling. The journey continues.....


1- MD, Non-EU Medical Doctors at Copenhagen University, 2018.
2- MSc in Medical Molecular Biology with Genetics/Thesis in Cancer, Bangor University/the UK, 2012.
3- MBChB (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degrees), Baghdad Medical College/Iraq, 2007.


Radiology, oncology, thrombosis, and clinical practice.


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