Gang Yang

School of Mechanical Engineering
Southwest Jiaotong University

Yang Gang
Department: School of Mechanical Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University
Research area: Traffic equipment fault diagnosis and control engineering; Artificial intelligence and big data.


2004-07-01 to 2013-09-01 | South-west Jiaotong University | Doctor (State Key Laboratory of Traction Power)
1997-09-01 to 2000-07-01 | Sichuan University | Master (School of chemical engineering)
1993-09-01 to 1997-07-01 | Sichuan University | Bachelor (Institute of Light Industry)


Fault diagnosis and control engineering for traffic equipment;AI and Big Data Analysis;Pantograph-catenary dynamics and active control


Research on Time and Space Control Strategy of Metro Pantograph Based on Pantograph-catenary Wear Dynamics

Based on the overhead lines’ material wear model established by other scholars based on the test-bed experiment, this project studies the overhead lines material wear model in the subway operation line and the method of coupling it with the rigid overhead lines’ structure dynamic model, so as to construct the Metro rigid overhead lines wear dynamic model. Based on the overhead lines’ wear dynamic model, the occurrence and development law of abnormal overhead lines wear in subway are explored by means of simulation test. In order to overcome the problem of abnormal wear of overhead lines due to the upper limit of improving the performance of materials, combining with the characteristics of time and space repeatability of subway operation conditions, the active control algorithm of pantograph based on space-time strategy is studied, which provides a theoretical basis for fundamentally solving the problem of abnormal wear of overhead lines of subway train.

Applications Invited

Key technologies and equipment for coordinated safety monitoring of Sichuan Tibet railway line/train

In order to ensure the train and line safety of Sichuan Tibet Railway, it is an urgent problem to improve the fault diagnosis and health management capability of key equipment of Sichuan Tibet Railway/high-speed train. This project focuses on studying the interaction mechanism of fault and health status of Sichuan Tibet railway line/train, studying the multi-mode and multi parameter vehicle/track feature fusion fault diagnosis algorithm and model, tackling the line/train collaborative safety monitoring technology, developing the Sichuan Tibet railway line/train collaborative safety monitoring equipment, realizing the line/train collaborative safety monitoring, and ensuring the safe operation of Sichuan Tibet trains.

Applications Invited


Maximum correlation Pearson correlation coefficient deconvolution and its application in fault diagnosis of rolling . 10.1016/j.
Acoustic Diagnosis of Rolling Bearings Fault of CR400 EMU Traction Motor Based on XWT and and Vibration. 10.1155/2022/2360067


Research on the Theory and Strategy of Active Suspension Control for High Speed EMU Bogies(U2034210) . Ministry of Science and Technology of China (Beijing, CN)
Research on key technologies for improving the life cycle capability of urban rail trains and development of multi information platform(2020YFB1200300ZL) . Ministry of Science and Technology of China (Beijing, CN)
Research on Comprehensive Comfort Based on Human Machine Environment Information Physical Space Interactive Fusion . Ministry of Science and Technology of China (Beijing, CN)