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  • A state-of-the-art review on mechanical performance characterization and modelling of high-performance textile reinforced concretes
    P Rawat, S Liu, S Guo, MZ Rahman, T Yang, X Bai, Y Yao, B Mobasher, ...
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    S Li, D Zhu, S Guo, H Xi, MZ Rahman, Y Yi, B Fu, C Shi
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  • Experimental and numerical study on a new floor heating system using carbon fiber tape embedded in cement mortar
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  • Structural and mechanical properties of bamboo fiber bundle and fiber/bundle reinforced composites: a review
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  • Internal curing effect of saturated coral coarse aggregate in high-strength seawater sea sand concrete
    L Zhou, S Guo, W Ma, F Xu, C Shi, Y Yi, D Zhu
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  • Investigation on crack evolution behaviors and mechanism on rock-like specimen with two circular-holes under compression
    W Ma, Y Chen, W Yi, S Guo
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  • Hierarchical structure and mechanical properties of fish scales from Lutjanidae with different habitat depths
    P Rawat, P Liu, C Zhang, S Guo, LA Jawad, Z Sadighzadeh, D Zhu
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  • Dynamic flexural behavior of AR-glass textile reinforced concrete under low-velocity impact loading
    A Li, S Guo, B Mobasher, D Zhu
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  • Influence of surface roughness on the adhesion force between the titanium plate and deep-sea sediment
    W Ma, J Li, Q Cai, W Zhu, C Yang, S Guo
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  • New innovations in pavement materials and engineering: A review on pavement engineering research 2021
    JE Office, J Chen, H Dan, Y Ding, Y Gao, M Guo, S Guo, B Han, B Hong, ...
    Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering (English Edition) 8 (6 2021

  • Transverse low-velocity impact performance of BFRP bars after exposure to the saline-alkaline environment
    S Li, S Guo, Y Yi, MZ Rahman, X Bai, C Shi, Z Jin, D Zhu
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  • Preparation of nano-xylan and its influences on the anti-fungi performance of straw fiber/HDPE composite
    X Gao, S Fan, J Pang, MZ Rahman, D Zhu, S Guo, M Ma, Z Li
    Industrial Crops and Products 171, 113954 2021

  • Enhancement mechanism of the organic nano-montmorillonite and its effect on the properties of wood fiber/HDPE composite
    S Fan, X Gao, D Zhu, S Guo
    Industrial Crops and Products 169, 113634 2021

  • Characteristics of calcareous sand filler and its influence on physical and rheological properties of asphalt mastic
    Z Zhao, S Wu, Q Liu, J Xie, C Yang, P Wan, S Guo, W Ma
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  • Improvement on the high-temperature stability and anti-aging performance of the rubberized asphalt binder with the lucobit additive
    S Lv, W Ma, Z Zhao, S Guo
    Construction and Building Materials 299, 124304 2021

  • Effect of alkalinity on the shear performance degradation of basalt fiber-reinforced polymer bars in simulated seawater sea sand concrete environment
    Y Yi, S Guo, S Li, MZ Rahman, L Zhou, C Shi, D Zhu
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  • Investigation on high-temperature resistance to permanent deformation of waste leather modified asphalt
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  • The effects of aging in seawater and SWSSC and strain rate on the tensile performance of GFRP/BFRP composites: A critical review
    S Li, S Guo, Y Yao, Z Jin, C Shi, D Zhu
    Construction and Building Materials 282, 122534 2021


  • Evaluation of properties and performance of rubber-modified concrete for recycling of waste scrap tire
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  • Durability performance of rubberized mortar and concrete with NaOH-Solution treated rubber particles
    R Si, S Guo, Q Dai
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