Hasan Fadhil Salih


The Technical Administrative College/Iraq/Kuf
University of Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical, The Technical Administrative College/Iraq/Kuf

Name: Hassan Fadel Saleh. Lecturer in the Department of Business Administration, holds a master's degree in business administration techniques, age 28 years, positions held, administrative director at the Technical Administrative College of Kufa


Bachelor of Business Administration Techniques, Master of Business Administration Techniques, with specialization in Human Resources Management and Strategic Management.


Business, Management and Accounting, Business and International Management, General Business, Management and Accounting, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management


The Impact of Electronic Human Resource Management Strategies on Organizational Flexibility

Through a theoretical framework, this study aimed to identify definitions of Organizational Flexibility by covering the definitions proposed by many researchers and trying to reach a new definition. Previous studies have identified many benefits that can be achieved using organizational resilience in organizations.. In addition, this study summarized these benefits and identified the most frequently mentioned benefits through a review of previous studies. The study measured the impact of Electronic Human Resource Management Strategies on (OF)in Iraqi pharmaceutical companies through a service of 180 employees in 20 Iraqi companies producing human drugs Partial Covariance-Based Structural Equation Modeling (CB-SEM) were used in the statistical program (Smart PLS (version as a statistical method for data analysis. The results of the study showed a significant effect of E-HRMS on (OF)in Iraqi pharmaceutical companies and the highest level of (OF) in Iraqi pharmaceutical companies

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