Mazena Mackoit Sinkeviciene

Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy, Faculty of Physics, Vilnius University
Vilnius University and Center for Physical Sciences and Technology FTMC


Dr. M. Mackoit-Sinkevičienė - researcher and lecturer that successfully coordinates various activities. She is a productive researcher and a specialist in her field, involved in study activities, a dedicated science communicator and public figure. Her contributions extend to holding the position Vice President of the Lithuanian Society of Physics. In 2021 Dr. M. Mackoit-Sinkevičienė won the Postdoctoral Fellowship of the Research Council of Lithuania. She successfully conducted research internships in both Poland and Latvia. In 2023, Dr. M. Mackoit-Sinkevičienė received an Honorable Mention in the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences competition for Young Scientists.


- quantum technologies, quantum optics, cold atoms, qubits in diamond & hBN, spin squeezing, quantum sensing
Assistant | Lectures, teaching
- quantum physics, solid state physics, study skills for researchers

2016-2020 Center for Physical Sciences and Technology and Vilnius University,
Doctor of Philosophy in Physics.
2014-2016 Vilnius University, Faculty of Physics
Master of Physics, Graduated with distinction Magna Cum Laude.
2010-2014 Vilnius University, Faculty of Physics
Bachelor of Physics. Graduated with the distinction Cum Laude.
2007-2010 School for gifted Young Physicists “Fotonas” and Young. Mathematicians LJMM,
Graduated with distinction.
2003-2010 Juzefo Ignacijaus Kraševskio Middle school
Graduated with distinction Certificate with Honors.


Atomic and Molecular Physics, and Optics, Condensed Matter Physics, Statistical and Nonlinear Physics


Non-classical spin states in ultracold atomic gases

Applications Invited



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