João Francisco Pestana Martins

Faculty of Physical Education and Sports
Universidade da Madeira

João Francisco Pestana Martins is currently a PhD student in Sports Sciences at the University of Coimbra and a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Madeira, teaching the Pedagogy of Sport course in the 1st cycle of studies. He completed his degree in Physical Education and Sport in 2019 and his Master's in Teaching Physical Education in Primary and Secondary Education in 2021, both at the University of Madeira. Having already been awarded 2 research grants, João Francisco Martins has had the opportunity to take part in research projects that allow him to develop his technological skills, assess the functional capacity of high-performance athletes and their sporting performance. He has focused his research primarily on identifying predictors of sports injuries in professional soccer players. To date, he has published more than 20 articles in specialized journals with an impact factor, 8 of them as 1st author. He also participates regularly in national and international con


Education, Artificial Intelligence