Zillur Rahman


Professor, Department of Management Studies
IIT Roorkee






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  • Linking Employee Engagement and Customer Engagement to drive Customer Loyalty: Reorienting Service Profit Chain
    S Chandini
    IIT Roorkee (Ph.D. Thesis) 2022

  • Impact of Consumer Ethical Beliefs and Religiosity on Consumer Unethical Behaviour
    SM Hasan
    IIT Roorkee (Ph. D. Thesis) 2021

  • Integrating Corporate Governance and Strategic Management: A Stakeholder Approach
    A Kumar
    IIT Roorkee (Ph.D.Thesis) 2021

  • Measuring the Influence of Social Marketing on Consumer Behavior Intention
    V Vyas
    IIT Roorkee (Ph.D. Thesis) 2021

  • Social Marketing: Connecting the P's and the C's
    Z Rahman, T Patil
    Creating Inclusive Organizations: Spirituality Innovation and Sustainability 2019

  • Customer engagement in the service context: An empirical investigation of the construct, its antecedents and consequences
    J Islam, L Hollebeek, Z Rahman, I Khan, A Rasool
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  • The role of consumer engagement in recovering online service failures: An application of Service-Dominant Logic
    J Islam, Z Rahman, L Hollebeek
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  • Consumers’ Sustainable Purchase Behaviour: Modelling the Impact of Psychological Factors
    Y Joshi, Z Rahman
    Ecological Economics 159 (May 2019), 235-243 2019

  • Developing a Place Branding Model: An Empirical Analysis based on Stakeholders
    AK Acharya
    IIT Roorkee (Ph.D. Thesis) 2019

  • Modelling and Measuring of Customer Participative Service Innovation Behavior
    B Sarmah
    IIT Roorkee (Ph.D. Thesis) 2018

  • Investigating the Effect of Online Brand Community Characteristics on Customer Engagement
    J Islam
    IIT Roorkee (Ph.D. Thesis) 2018

  • Modelling and Measuring of Customer Participation in Social Media Brand Communities
    S Kamboj
    IIT Roorkee (Ph.D. Thesis) 2018

  • Effect of Social Media Marketing Activities on Customer Loyalty in E-Commerce Industry
    M Yadav
    IIT Roorkee (Ph.D. Thesis ) 2018

  • Role of Consumer Ethical Beliefs in Determining Consumer Purchase Intention towards Green Buying
    SM Hasan, Z Rahman
    24th EBES Conference Jointly organized with The Faculty of Business 2018

  • Striving for Legitimacy through CSR: An exploration of employee’s responses in controversial industry sector
    M Fatma, I Khan, Z Rahman
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  • The Influence of Social Media Marketing Activities on Customer Loyalty: A Study of E-commerce Industry
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  • Reconceptualizing service firm marketing capability: Scale development and validation
    S Kamboj, Z Rahman
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  • Antecedents of co-creation intention and their role in developing technology-based new services via customer involvement: A conceptual analysis
    B Sarmah, Z Rahman
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  • Examining consumer-brand relationships on social media platforms
    N Jain, S Kamboj, V Kumar, Z Rahman
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  • CSR and consumer behavioral responses: The role of customer-company identification
    M Fatma, I Khan, Z Rahman
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