Shiva Sai Prasad CH

Sumathi Reddy Institute of Technology For Women


M. Tech (CSE), B. Tech (CSE)


Cloud Computing, Machine Learning


Study of threats associated with cloud infrastructure systems

Cloud infrastructure is the new euphemism in professional developers view these days round the clock. The rewards of cloud storage and its unique functionalities are absolutely massive and as such it is a concern of phenomenal significance. It offers various outstanding features such as Multi-tenancy, on-demand support, pay per use etc. This paper generates a report on the possible consequences of cloud computing.Processing infrastructure-as-a-Service illustrates the distribution of threats and how cloud doing so can affect their performance.The cloud infrastructure addresses the various situations where the attacks exist also the steps should be followed to mitigate the attacks. The research also tries at classifying steps have to take when using cloud services to reduce the impacts of undesirable consequences and to safeguard data integrity.

Applications Invited