Dr.Uma M S


Department of Physics

M S obtained her Ph.D in Physics from Bangalore University. During her doctoral studies, she worked on Quantum Information Science focussing on characterization of quantum entanglement- phenomenon behind Quantum computers and quantum teleportation. She was a Senior Research Fellow at CSIR-UGC, New Delhi. She has over 15 years of teaching and Research experience and has numerous research papers in peer reviewed journals. Her areas of interest include Theoretical Physics and Fluid Dynamics. She is currently guiding Ph.D students under Visvesvaraya Technological University. Presently she is working as prof and Head, Physics Department.


M.Sc in physics @ Christ college.
Ph.d in Physics @ Banglore University


Quantum Information Science, Fluid Dynamics


Scopus Publications

Scopus Publications

  • Constraints on the uncertainties of entangled symmetric qubits
    A.R. Usha Devi, M.S. Uma, R. Prabhu, and A.K. Rajagopal

    Elsevier BV

  • Local invariants and pairwise entanglement in symmetric multiqubit system

    World Scientific Pub Co Pte Lt
    Pairwise entanglement properties of a symmetric multi-qubit system are analyzed through a complete set of two-qubit local invariants. Collective features of entanglement, such as spin squeezing, are expressed in terms of invariants and a classification scheme for pairwise entanglement is proposed. The invariant criteria given here are shown to be related to the recently proposed (Phys. Rev. Lett.95, 120502 (2005)) generalized spin squeezing inequalities for pairwise entanglement in symmetric multi-qubit states.

  • Non-classicality of photon added coherent and thermal radiations
    A. R. Usha Devi, R. Prabhu, and M. S. Uma

    Springer Science and Business Media LLC

  • Non-local properties of a symmetric two-qubit system
    A R Usha Devi, M S Uma, R Prabhu, and Sudha

    IOP Publishing
    Non-local properties of symmetric two-qubit states are quantified in terms of a complete set of entanglement invariants. We prove that negative values of some of the invariants are signatures of quantum entanglement. This leads us to identify sufficient conditions for non-separability in terms of entanglement invariants. Non-local properties of two-qubit states extracted from (i) the Dicke state, (ii) a state generated by a one-axis twisting Hamiltonian, and (iii) a one-dimensional Ising chain with nearest neighbour interaction are analysed in terms of the invariants characterizing them.