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Date of Birth:9/1/1971
Martial statues:Married
No. of children:4
Major field: physical education
Exact specialized Field: training physiology / Racket games
Occupation: College professor
Position: Head of Psychological Counseling Unit and Educational Guidance Unit and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Modern Sports
Scientific Degree: Assistant Prof
Work Address:University of Baghdad: College of physical education and sport sciences for Women
Mobile: 07729005041
E-mail: :abeer@copew.uobaghdad.edu.iq
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Degree University College Ranking Date Master’s Thesis Title
Bachelor’s Baghdad Physical education for girls Third 30/06/1992
Master’s Baghdad Physical education First 22/09/2005 The effect of plyometrics and weight training methods on developing explosive strength and distinctive strength for female handball players
Thesis Baghdad Physical education for girls Second 20/09/2010 The effect of a training cu


Sports physiology, sports training, racket games, sports psychology, swimming


Physical-Food Program Effect on Some Physical Measurements to Reduce the Infection of Polycystic Ovaries in Women aged (20-25) Years.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is one of the predominant pathological conditions in the majority of women.Which results from endocrine disorders. Approximately 6-10% of women of childbearing age suffer from this at ages (12-45%), which results in a lack or loss of fertility in females, due to an increase in androgens in women, which leads to a lack of ovulation and an increase in body weight and the emergence of obesity, and thus will lead to irregular or interrupted menstruation. (Stadnicka G.& etal:2015) Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors, and obesity is one of the risk factors for developing it, in addition to lack of movement and the presence of similar cases in the family. The diagnosis of PCOS depends on two of three things that can be found in the syndrome, anovulation, and an increase in the level of androgens. And ovarian cysts, which can be detected by ultrasound, and that PCOS has no specific treatment, and tre

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    Revista Iberoamericana de Psicologia del Ejercicio y el Deporte, ISSN: 18868576, eISSN: 23407700, Pages: 29-31, Published: 2021

  • Effect of taking some of dietary supplements according to special forces exercises to develop some physical abilities, speed and accuracy smash shot for badminton young players
    Abeer Dakhil Hatem Al-Selmi, Falih Hashim Fenjan, and Saif Abbas Jihad Al-Rubaye

    Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, eISSN: 19885202, Issue: Proc4, Pages: S469-S476, Published: 2019 Universidad de Alicante
    Set dietary program for some of dietary supplements and training for badminton young players, and identifying effect of taking some of the dietary supplementary for badminton young players. The research population :( badminton young players group (Arminian club). For age group (16-18) years the sample is divided in to two experimental groups within each group (6) players, and two for the exploratory experiment which was within the research sample, they were divided in to two groups, the first group take some of the dietary supplements (multivitamin creating) .the set exercises by the researchers in the main part of the training unit and the second group (amino acids, vitamins) and the set exercises by the researcher. The scientific approach :( the experimental approach to design the two groups of the pre and posttests). The measurement instruments: physical tests for the explosive power and the power characteristic by speed for the two arms and the legs, besides, the smash shot), after applying the pre-tests, and applying the muscular ability, then applying the exercises for two months set by the researcher. The statistical processing :( the mean was used and the standard deviation and torsion for the one sample, and (t ) test for two independent samples).The research results: ( using the exercises and some of the dietary supplements have positive effect on improving some of the physical abilities, speed and accuracy of smash shot skill for badminton young players).The researcher recommends: (depending exercises accompanying with the dietary supplements for badminton young players of age group(16-18) years by the trainers and using dietary supplements with training and contests to retain the player's energy.

  • The effect of continuous training on myoglobin muscle and on some specific fitness elements and basic skills of badminton players
    Abeer Dakhil Hatem Al-Selmi, Suad Sabti Al-Shawi, and Shilan Hussein Mohammed

    Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, eISSN: 19885202, Issue: Proc4, Pages: S435-S441, Published: 2019 Universidad de Alicante
    The current study problem can be described in the form of the following question and the following sub-questions as follows: What is the effect of continuous training in Mayoklobin muscle and on some of the special fitness elements and basic skills of badminton players? The following questions stem from this question:1. myoglobin level in muscles?2. What is the level of some fitness elements for badminton players?3. What is the basic skills level of badminton players?. The current research aims to prepare continuous training exercises for the research sample, to identify the effect of continuous training method in the level of muscle myoglobin in the development of certain elements of special fitness and basic skills of badminton players. Methodology: The researchers used the experimental approach in designing the one group with the tribal and remote tests. The research sample consisted of badminton players in the youth club of the At huri Club. The team consisted of (12) players, (2) player for the exploratory experiment, Explosive force (two men) Agility, Flexibility Technical tests Massive strike, front impact, rear strike.1. The researcher’s concluded.2. The results showed that the level of myoglobin in the muscles within the normal limits when using the method of continuous training of badminton players.3. Exercise according to the continuous training method has led to the development of some special fitness elements and basic skills of badminton players. Recommend the researchers: to circulate the results of the current study on the sports teams participating in the league in badminton.


  • Physical-Nutritional program effect in women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
    AN Mohsin, ADH Al-Selmi
    SPORT TK-Revista EuroAmericana de Ciencias del Deporte, 8-8 2022

  • تأثير تمرينات وقائية للذراعين في تطوير بعض القدرات البدنية للاعبي المنتخب الوطني بكرة السلة على الكراسي المتحركة
    عبير داخل حاتم طالبة ماجيستير ايات عماد البدري

  • تأثير برنامج بدني في بعض المتغيرات الفسيولوجية لتقليل اصابة تكيس المبايض لدى النساء بأعمار (25-20) سنة
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  • Using Artificial intelligence to evaluate skill performance of some karate skills
    HN Jawoosh, A Dakhil, MA Muhammed, MH Gizar
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  • محاضرة حرية التعبير عن الرأي
    د عبير داخل و دزينب قحطان و ست ابتهال
    https://copew.uobaghdad.edu.iq/?p=27130 2022

  • Effect of rehabilitation exercises in improving the motor range of people with partial rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee joint by ages (30-35) men
    A Dakhil
    Modren Sport Journal 20 (4), 0032-0032 2021

  • محاضره New Me
    د عبير داخل حاتم

  • محاضره النظام الصحي وتنظيم الاسره
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  • ندوة عن المخدرات واثارها على المجتمع
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  • Effect of Rehabilitation Program by Using Hypermedia on Treatment Some of Shoulder Tissues Injuries for Badminton Players
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  • ندوة عن التدخين واضرارها
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  • The effect of rehabilitative exercises associated with the technique of Chiropractic in relieving the pain of muscle stretching in the lower back of people with a herniated disc
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  • محاضره عن الخوف من المستقبل لدى طلبة جامعات العراق في ظل جائحة كوفيد 19
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  • محاضرة العنف الاسري في زمن كوفيد 19
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  • Leadership theories in management and psychologist educational filed
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