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Scopus Publications

  • Ebb and Flow Theory in Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management
    Omar A. Alananzeh, Ra’ed Masa’deh, and Ibrahim K. Bazazo

    Springer International Publishing

    Ibrahim Kahlil BAZAZO, , Omar Abedalla ALANANZEH, Sana’a Refat ALREFAIE, , and

    Asociatia de Geografie
    This study focused on highlighting the most important virtual technological applications at the global level used in the growth and development of tourist cities, by reviewing the most important technological means used in managing smart tourist cities and the conditions and procedures that must be provided in the urban transformation in tourist cities from their traditional framework to the digital framework that keeps pace with global developments in the digital tourism industry and meeting the requirements of sustainable tourism development by focusing on the city of Aqaba in Jordan. The study found the importance of adopting digital models with their multiple applications in providing sustainable management in tourist cities and transforming them into competitive digital tourist destinations and giving them comparative advantages in light of the rapid development at the international level in the growth and development of a high-end tourism industry.

  • The implementation of international standards and specifications (ISO-SCUBA) on improving the quality of diving tourism in Aqaba, Jordan
    Ibrahim Kahlil BAZAZO, , Omar Abedalla ALANANZEH, and

    Asociatia de Geografie
    The study aims to identify the impact of applying the international standards and specifications issued by the International Organization for Standardization and Metrology (ISO-Scuba) in enhancing competitive advantages and comparative advantages which improves the quality of diving tourism in the Jordanian Gulf of Aqaba coast. An analysis of all the provisions of international standards and specifications for marine diving tourism is utilized to provide a comprehensive picture of the reality of diving tourism in the study area. The results of the study revealed that the application of ISO standards and specifications in marine protected areas in the Gulf of Aqaba can provide a flexible and adaptable system in managing the quality of tourism services provided to tourists. It contributes to providing a framework for applying international standards and specifications to marine protected areas in the study area. This contribution is critical for decision-maker in adopting the holistic planning process for the diving tourism industry in the city of Aqaba, especially in light of expansion a great diving tourism industry witnessed in Aqaba city since the beginning of this century.

  • Developing geomorphologic tourism in the valleys of the eastern coast of the dead sea
    Ibrahim Kahlil BAZAZO and Omar Abedalla ALANANZEH

    The study aims to identify the pattern of geomorphologic tourism in the valleys of the eastern coast of the Dead Sea and the mechanisms for developing this type of tourism. An analysis of space visuals data and topographic maps were utilized to provide a holistic picture of the geomorphologic reality and the spatial relationships between tourism uses and the nature of this area. Relying on geographic information systems and remote sensing software, the study provides a holistic picture that contributes to the identification of the geomorphologic tourism pattern, and the future forecast in the form of spatial space within a holistic integrated approach based on scientific foundations. The study revealed the importance of the area with its great potentials represented in geomorphologic and biological diversity. It contributed to providing a comprehensive spatial database beneficial for decision-makers in adopting a comprehensive planning process for the study area.

  • The disclosure of archaeological heritage in the province of hail and planning and management using geograhic information system
    نبيل زعل حوامدة and إبراهيم خليل بظاظو

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