Nissa Nurfajrin Solihat

Research Center Biomass and Bioproducts
National Research and Innovation Agency


Young researcher with 5+ years of experiences at prestigious research institution. Looking for Ph.D supervisor who works in biomass valorization and its derivatives such as lignin research.


2017-2019 Master's degree from Kyungpook National University, South Korea
2007-2012 Bachelor's degree from Diponegoro University, Indonesia


My research interest is the entire value chain, from lignocellulosic biomass separation to the valorization of isolated biopolymers, with the goal of creating commodities comparable to fossil-based products in a sustainable manner.



Indonesia is an archipelago country that contains a lot of variety of biomass, either as waste or commodities. Biomass or lignocellulosic compound consists of cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, extractives/volatiles, and ash. Biomass fractionations determine the compound structure because severe pretreatment brings damage to cellulose or lignin structure. This research aims to get lignin fractions from biomass to produce a unique functionalized platform of lignin molecules without damaging their structure. Furthermore, lignin is isolated from the black liquor and subject to depolymerization step to obtain renewable flatform chemicals. These obtained chemicals such as aromatic and furanic can be used for many products such as bio-fuels, plastic, pharmaceutical, and many others

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  • Formulation of Nanoemulsion of Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica (L.) Urban) Leaves Extract as Active Ingredients to Produce Antioxidant Facial Serum
    N Fitri, AA Tanjungsari, SK Himmi, NN Solihat
    EKSAKTA: Journal of Sciences and Data Analysis, 84-95 2024

  • Biorefinery from Plant Biomass: A Case Study on Sugarcane Straw
    FP Sari, NN Solihat, NIW Azelee, W Fatriasari
    Plant Biomass Derived Materials: Sources, Extractions, and Applications, 243-269 2024

  • Antimicrobial activity of food packaging biofilms derived from lignin-starch-poly (lactic acid)
    F Falah, D Zulfiana, M Septiano, DS Nawawi, FP Sari, W Fatriasari, ...
    AIP Conference Proceedings 2973 (1) 2024

  • Isolation and characterization of lignin from black liquor of arecanut leaf sheath (Areca catechu L.) with hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid
    MR Ridho, EW Madyaratri, EA Agustiany, NN Solihat, DS Nawawi, ...
    AIP Conference Proceedings 2973 (1) 2024

  • Solvent effect on revealing antibacterial potency of lignin and tannin from Acacia mangium and Acacia crassicarpa
    AF Hidayat, NN Solihat, D Zulfiana, SH Anita, M Oktaviani, M Ismayati, ...
    AIP Conference Proceedings 2973 (1) 2024

  • Comparison of physico-chemical and thermo-mechanical properties of sungkai (Peronema canescens Jack.), sengon (Falcataria moluccana (Miq.) Barneby & J.W. Grimes
    A Bahanawan, Y Nurhamiyah, NN Solihat, W Fatriasari, P Antov, SH Lee
    Wood Material Science & Engineering 19 (2), 408-418 2024

  • Enzymatic degradation and metabolic pathway of acid blue 129 dye by crude laccase from newly isolated Trametes hirsuta EDN 082
    DHY Yanto, SH Anita, NN Solihat
    Biocatalysis and Biotransformation 42 (2), 129-139 2024

  • Preparation of high water-retention biodegradable kidney tray from rice straw pulp
    M Yusron, A Karimah, NN Solihat, M Ismayati, SH Anita, D Zulfiana, ...
    Materials Today Communications 38, 108236 2024

  • Chemical structure characterization of edible mushroom-extracted beta-glucan and its bioactivity
    RH Setyawan, A Ardiansyah, NN Solihat, RR Elfirta, I Saskiawan, ...
    Bioactive Carbohydrates and Dietary Fibre, 100411 2024

  • Recent Antibacterial Agents from Biomass Derivatives: Characteristics and Applications
    NN Solihat, AF Hidayat, RA Ilyas, SMK Thiagamani, NIW Azeele, FP Sari, ...
    Journal of Bioresources and Bioproducts 2024

  • Antioxidant and UV-blocking activity of PVA/tannin-based bioplastics in food packaging application
    M Ismayati, NAN Fatah, EE Ernawati, WB Kusumaningrum, MAR Lubis, ...
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  • Synthesis and characterization of green urethane non‐isocyanate from oleic acid for wood composite application
    M Ghozali, S Bakhri, E Triwulandari, WK Restu, Y Meliana, A Haryono, ...
    Journal of Applied Polymer Science 141 (3), e54803 2024

  • Biobased nanoparticles as flame retardant for polymers
    NN Solihat, LS Hua, W Fatriasari
    Flame Retardant Nanocomposites, 321-354 2024

  • Eucalyptus Bark Tannin for Green Chemistry Agent
    M Ismayati, NN Sholihat, FP Sari
    Eucalyptus: Engineered Wood Products and Other Applications, 137-161 2023

  • Extraction of lignin from sugarcane trash and its potency as biosurfactant
    A Karimah, IK Hani, RPB Laksana, M Ismayati, NN Solihat, FP Sari, ...
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  • The Effect of Active Alkali and Sulfidity Loading on the Kraft Pulp Properties of Sweet Sorghum Bagasse
    A Karimah, NN Solihat, N Hastuti, M Ismayati, RA Ermawar, A Sohail, ...
    Sugar Tech 25 (5), 1196-1210 2023

  • Synthesis of lignin-based biosurfactant derived from kraft black liquor and its effect on enzymatic hydrolysis of pretreated biomass
    NN Solihat, DA Pramasari, RPB Laksana, WK Restu, M Ghozali, ...
    Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy 34, 101152 2023

  • Application of LC-MS/MS Coupled with Various Digestion Methods for the Identification of Porcine Gelatin Markers in Confectionery Matrices
    KR Dewi, F Kusnandar, ND Yuliana, M Ismayati, NN Solihat, H Riantana, ...
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  • Biocomposites of rice straw paper with chitosan: hydrophobicity and mechanical properties
    MA Jayanti, A Ardhana, N Husna, A Karimah, M Rahmi DN, HA Ariyanta, ...
    Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 1-14 2023

  • Characterization of lignin isolated from oil palm empty fruit bunch using phosphoric acid
    S Hidayati, S Hadi, Saputra, AH Iswanto, W Fatriasari, NN Solihat, P Antov, ...
    Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 1-9 2023


  • Biodegradation and metabolic pathway of anthraquinone dyes by Trametes hirsuta D7 immobilized in light expanded clay aggregate and cytotoxicity assessment
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  • Lignin as an active biomaterial: a review
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  • Recent developments in lignin modification and its application in lignin‐based green composites: a review
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  • Optimization of microwave-assisted oxalic acid pretreatment of oil palm empty fruit bunch for production of fermentable sugars
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  • Physical and Chemical Properties of Acacia mangium Lignin Isolated from Pulp Mill Byproduct for Potential Application in Wood Composites
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    Polymers 14 (3), 491 2022
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  • Disruption of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunches by Microwave-assisted Oxalic Acid Pretreatment.
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  • Understanding the biodegradation pathways of azo dyes by immobilized white-rot fungus, Trametes hirsuta D7, using UPLC-PDA-FTICR MS supported by in silico simulations and
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  • Reducing sugar production of sweet sorghum bagasse kraft pulp
    NN Solihat, T Fajriutami, DTN Adi, W Fatriasari, E Hermiati
    AIP Conference Proceedings 1803 (1) 2017
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  • Recent developments in flame-retardant lignin-based biocomposite: manufacturing, and characterization
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    Journal of Polymers and the Environment 30 (11), 4517-4537 2022
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  • Nanolignin in materials science and technology—does flame retardancy matter?
    H Vahabi, N Brosse, NH Abd Latif, W Fatriasari, NN Solihat, R Hashim, ...
    Biopolymeric Nanomaterials, 515-559 2021
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  • Comprehensive lists of internal calibrants for ultrahigh-resolution mass spectrometry analysis of crude oil and natural organic matter and their preparation recipes
    E Cho, NN Solihat, YH Kim, S Kim
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  • Elucidating molecular level impact of peat fire on soil organic matter by laser desorption ionization Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry
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  • Application of silver-assisted laser desorption ionization ultrahigh-resolution mass spectrometry for the speciation of sulfur compounds
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  • Characterization of Indonesian banana species as an alternative cellulose fibers
    W Fatriasari, MR Ridho, A Karimah, Sudarmanto, Ismadi, Y Amin, ...
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  • Natural and synthetic antimicrobials agent for textile: a review
    T Purwanti, NN Solihat, W Fatriasari, DS Nawaw
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  • The removal of cured urea-formaldehyde adhesive towards sustainable medium density fiberboard production: a review
    MAR Lubis, SY Manohar, RPB Laksana, W Fatriasari, M Ismayati, F Falah, ...
    Jurnal Sylva Lestari 9 (1), 23-44 2021
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  • Assessment of artificial neural network to identify compositional differences in ultrahigh-resolution mass spectra acquired from coal mine affected soils
    NN Solihat, S Son, EK Williams, MC Ricker, AF Plante, S Kim
    Talanta 248, 123623 2022
    Citations: 9


Last 3 years:
1. Valorization of lignin from pulp industry by-product as antimicrobial agent for natural fiber textile (2021-present) (BRIN/LIPI, Indonesia) - Project Leader
2. Utilization of Biomass Wastes for Functional Materials and Chemicals (2021-present) (JASTIP, Japan)-Member
3. Development of digital information system and identification system of natural fiber as sources of textile fiber (2020-2021) (Ministry of Finance Indonesia) - Member
4. Lignin and Tannin-Based Polyurethane Resin for fire resistant rami fiber (2020-2021) (Ministry of Finance Indonesia) - Member
5. Japan-ASEAN Science, Technology and Innovation Platform of Sustainable Development Research (2020) (JASTIP, Japan) - Member
6. Integrated Biorefinery of Sugarcane Trash (2020) (E-Asia, Japan) - Member
7. Development of Lignin-Based Biomaterials For Environmentally Friendly Adhesives, Mortar Additives, and Gold Emulsifiers (2020) (BRIN/LIPI, Indonesia) - Member
8. Isolation, Screening and Assessment of White Rot Fungi in Berbak and Sembilang Biosphere Reserve for Their Potency in Wastewater Treatment (2019-2020) (MAB UNESCO) -Member


Patent last 3 years:
No Judul Tahun
1. Produk Vinir Kayu Laminasi Tipis Tanpa Perekat 2022
2. Paten Granted IDP00007234 : Biosurfaktan Turunan Lignin Dan Proses Pembuatannya 2021
3. Metode Klasifikasi Jenis Serat Alam dengan Menggunakan Augmentasi Data Dan Deep Neural Network (DNN) 2021
4. Metode Ekstraksi Lignin Daun Tebu Menggunakan Enzim Selulase Dan Dioksan Serta Produk Yang Dihasilkannya 2021
5. Metode Pemisahan Lignin Dari Lindi Hitam Sisa Produksi Pulp 2021
6. Metode Ekstraksi Lignin Daun Tebu Menggunakan Asam Konsentrasi Rendah Dan Produk Yang Dihasilkannya 2021
7. Biosurfaktan Anionik Berbasis Lignin Alkali dan Proses Pembuatannya 2020
8. Proses Pembuatan Perekat Kayu Lapis Non- Formaldehida Berbahan Dasar Pati Dialdehida Dan Produk Yang Dihasilkannya. 2020
9. Formulasi biosurfaktan amphipilic lignin derivatives (A-LD) dari lignin Acacia mangium, penggunaan dan proses pembuatannya 2017
10. Produk Biosurfaktan Turunan Lignin dan Proses Pembuatannya. 2017

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